Music Sound Services

Creativity matters. And I believe that technology is there to support it. During the last 30 years, I have been studying the development of recording and mixing technologies thoroughly and consistently. What I came to realize is, that today you don't have to spend a fortune on tech/equipment to create high-quality sound results.

To me, the optimal way to ignite creativity and support creatives best is to reduce gear and software. Master and leverage a compact setup including all your favourite stuff that you just cannot let go of. This way, you don't get lost into overwhelm of having too many options so that in the end, none really suits your wanted outcome. Just think about the early rock stars of our time like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen and many more. They all didn't have any of the today's possibilities and still, or even because of that, they created ground-breaking masterpieces of sound and music.

Based on my experience I choose my equipment carefully, for optimal results and to allow creativity to run free.

Your music is worthy of having its individual sound character highlighted. Either you are a single singer-songwriter or a band, I help you by recording, mixing and mastering your music and giving it a unique sound.

I also support your live performance and create a great sound experience for you and your audience.

Let's get started by contacting me for an individual offer or booking a free 15-minute call on the Home page.

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